There is so much talk about ChatGPT. A really revolutionary pre-trained AI model!

So you wonder, can I use it for doing all my work for legacy contract data extraction including a matchup of masters with their amendments, removal of duplicate documents, removal of unsigned and unwanted documents, etc.?

One way to look at it is to ask yourself questions such as:

“Would I have ChatGPT write my resume for me, or maybe my kid’s college application, and send the output without any review?”

The answer always is “Review thoroughly”

At Brightleaf, we do not charge for our specialized ChatGPT-like AI software. We charge you for the thorough review of the output from our AI software. Most necessary! As the data extracted is only as good as the original documents – and one knows (or really has no clue) about the inconsistencies and missing information in the original documents – no software can do any about that with a 100% guarantee!

(Yes, I know I am comparing the Generative part of ChatGPT to the extraction/results part, but that question is just to give food for thought).

If you would like to learn more, we would be happy to schedule a brief exploratory conversation at a time that’s convenient for you.