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Healthcare has demands that cross all activities because the needs range from a solo practitioner through to large-scale, hospital-centric medical networks that are small cities in their own right. Contractual obligations span professional and administrative services, plant and maintenance, office and capital functions, insurance and finance, property and administration, and the delivery of all support services. Managing this disparate collection of contractual obligations is a herculean task. To be able to search, inquire, and report on the essential risks, obligations, opportunities, and renewals of all the contracts, especially those on paper is difficult at best, fraught with error potential, and time-consuming.

Brightleaf can extract and abstract the essential attributes of each contract to your precise needs and put this essential information into a searchable file structure in a contract management system.  This gives you on-demand inquiry, exception and standard reporting, and a comprehensive overview of contracts to better manage them. The elements of downside risk and loss of upside opportunities are mitigated if you have the right information at the right time. This information is in your contracts and Brightleaf can make it available to you, from a shared database on-demand. The clever semantic technologies deployed by Brightleaf ensure Six Sigma accuracy (99.99%), completeness of information, and data confidentiality.

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