Financial and Banking Services

The Financial and Banking Services industry is heavily regulated and must comply with various laws and regulations. Contract data extraction helps in ensuring compliance by accurately identifying key terms and clauses in contracts and accelerating the banking process.

Real Estate

Real estate companies often need to conduct due diligence when buying or selling property. Contract data extraction can make this process more efficient by extracting and digitizing relevant contracts and legal documents, making them easier to analyze and review.


Manufacturing companies are subject to stringent regulations regarding product safety, labor practices, and environmental impact. Ensure that data is extracted and migrated in a secure and compliant manner, lowering the risk of regulatory noncompliance.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Manage supplier relationships by tracking contract terms and conditions, monitoring supplier performance, and identifying areas for renegotiation.


Monitor important contract renewal metrics, and minimize the contractual workload for each customer to increase profitability.

complex challenge

Smart solution for complex challenges

Brightleaf’s automated contract abstraction is a technology-enabled service that automates the entire process of mining information from all your contracts – to help you manage legal obligations, reduce risk, find revenue, and gain insight into your vendors, customers, and partners.

Brightleaf automated contract migration enables you to:

  • Save time and money hiring expensive abstraction firms
  • Keep your ERP or contract management system up to date
  • Avoid penalties and find missing revenue
  • Gain strategic insights into overall legal obligations, risks, and opportunities
  • Ensure compliance with existing contracts

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