A fortune 500 global Financial services company’s data volumes grew in large amounts. They were looking to track business-critical data from their legacy contracts. Brightleaf extracted key information such as contract auto-renewal, term, and termination, notification period, etc. from their legacy contracts which resulted in better report quality and optimized operations.

One of the largest not-for-profit, Medicare Advantage, health maintenance organizations serving nearly 200,000 members engaged Brightleaf to extract the key information from its legacy contracts like Network, Consulting, Vendor agreements, etc. The key information included term and termination, product description, assignor, assignee, etc.

Brightleaf facilitated the Fortune 1000 multimedia company that develops and maintains image messaging and multimedia mobile apps with the extraction of term and termination-related key information from its legacy contracts. Some of the attributes extracted included Effective Date, Agreement End Date, Perpetual, Auto-Renew, Termination notice period.

One of the biggest multinational automobile manufacturers and distributors was looking for help to extract key information such as Agreement type, Total Agreement value, Commercial general liability, Insurance limit for Network security & privacy, Insurance limit for Errors & Omissions, Insurance limit for Crime, Insurance limit for Automobile, etc. from their legacy contracts. Brightleaf not only helped with metadata extraction but also assisted with an extraction manual guide

One of the largest non-profit medical centers approached Brightleaf to extract numerous information from their legacy contracts such as MSA, SOW, NDA, Network Agreements, Leases, etc. The information included important terms like payment terms, delivery terms, warranty terms, exit clause terms, renegotiating, price, and invoicing terms. The extraction also included agreement terms like effective date, expiration date, if the agreement is evergreen, renewal type, notification period of the termination, termination for convenience, contract amount, etc. Brightleaf extracted this information from both expired and in-force contracts.

A top Web Services provider required an extraction project to help organize the site addresses and track obligations and risks throughout their agreements. Brightleaf was up to the challenge, balancing the different groups and helping everyone get on the same page. We extracted information from their MSA, Amendments, Work order, NDA.