Brightleaf Helps Global Performance Management Firm


A Fortune 500 company that provides market research, information, and analysis to the consumer products and service industries. The company provides competitive marketplace dynamics to understand consumer attitudes and behavior, which helps its clients generate increased sales and profits.

“Brightleaf team was very good to work with and acted as our Partners to help us achieve our objectives and the team went above and beyond in terms of time and effort to support us, which was very much appreciated”

– Program Manager

Problem Faced by Client

The company was looking for an effective mechanism to extract vital information from their legacy contracts specific to the North American region in order to meet their contractual obligations. They were under immense pressure to complete this task within a challenging time frame. They realized that making use of their existing resources would have resulted in an extended time period for completing this task. This would have made it a costly affair and they would not have met their time frame needs. This is when they turned to Brightleaf Solutions, an intelligent contract abstraction service provider that is recognized as one of the leading companies in this space. Brightleaf uses a unique process involving optimum utilization of both clever technology and people.

Solution Provided by Brightleaf

Brightleaf delivered a fully customized solution to them, that was best suited for their requirement. The extracted results were easily migrated to their Contract Management System and made available for ready access and reporting.
The service provided by Brightleaf along with data extraction included:

  • Linking associated documents i.e. parent and child
  • Creating and assigning a unique Id for each document
  • Identifying and eliminating duplicates
  • Transforming unstructured company customer addresses into a structured form
  • Converting OCR documents into machine-readable form

The solution provided by Brightleaf helped them in organizing their contract management efforts better by linking associated documents and converting unstructured data into a structured form enabling easy access to the information.

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    "Very detailed follow up and precise work. Excellent team and transparent costs."

    Karl Park
    Karuna Therapeutics (BMS)
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    "We are impressed with Brightleaf's work and their understanding of our business. It's great to see stability and quality of work in an outside vendor."

    Carlos Ariza
    Chief Data Scientist
    Creative Artists Agency
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    "I was blown away by Brightleaf's simple & effective process. We engaged them for data cleaning & formatting of legacy contracts."

    Alissa Calderon
    Legal Operations Specialist
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    "Working with Brightleaf has been a breath of fresh air during an otherwise high-stress CLM implementation process."

    Tracy Rankin
    Sr. Manager, CLM
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    "Timeliness, accuracy, responsiveness..all of it, we’ve really been impressed with the output from the Brightleaf team!!"

    Kristen Claburn
    Manager, Legal Contracts
    NuStar Energy
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    "Great partner to do business with. Achieves perfect results on extracted data always - under budget and under time!"

    Sean Regan
    Sr. VP Global Alliances
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    “The Brightleaf team was the best, they definitely understood our goal and the complexity of our contracts and the result was a high quality in the data we got.”

    Fortune 500
    Financial Service Company
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    "Brightleaf's part of the project was flawless!"

    Jaclyn Schuler
    Director, Global Sourcing and CLM
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    "The insight your team provided allowed us to end up with a much better end result than if we had attempted the work on our own"

    Scott Wilson
    Sr. VP, Planning and Transactions
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    "Great company. Really good people. Very unique and valuable service!!"

    Greg McLaughlin
    Sr. Director, Business Operations
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    “Brightleaf was very flexible and adaptable. Communication was exceptionally good”

    Technology Director
    Large Global Telecom Service Provider
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    "I cannot thank Brightleaf enough for a stellar performance."

    Systems Manager
    Top Global Cloud Services Provider
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    "Brightleaf team was a key piece to the success of this project."

    Project Manager
    Top Fortune 50 technology company
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    "Brightleaf team provided a wonderful customer experience through quick responses, decisions making, and delivery."

    Systems Manager
    Top Global Cloud Services Provider
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    “Brightleaf delivered a quality result on a very complex project”

    Technology Director
    Large Global Telecom Service Provider