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The commercial need for contract management in real estate encapsulates the financial and legal aspects of the sustained existence of the company. The contracts are critical and diverse, and invariably have attachments that, until now, have defined the ability to digitally link and make them available in a useful way for reporting and inquiry.

Distilling the important attributes of contractual arrangements from all the documentation, transforming it from paper, or digital text, into searchable data you can readily access is what Brightleaf Solutions deliver. We work closely with you, tailoring our proprietary semantic data extraction process to mine all your contract information from your documents.  They are then structured in a searchable format to upload into your contract management system. Unlike a manual process that is time-consuming and error-prone, Brightleaf delivers your contract information content with 99.99% accuracy (Six Sigma standard), with ISO 27001: 2013 security.

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Abstract and analyze thousands of critical clauses and data elements from your commercial real estate contracts

Recognize the commitments and risks posed by your contracts

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