There is so much of data being produced nowadays that without the help of an automated system the scattered information may not mean anything and cannot be put to good use. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data mining are contributing heavily to managing this enormous amount of data.

A lot of effort has been put into replicating human intelligence into artificial intelligence with the goal of making human life easier and better. It brings with it a world where human creativity and uniqueness have been replaced by the standardization of robots but sadly lacks the knowledge that humans gain from various unrelated experiences, which at times are useful for analyzing different situations and scenarios. When the best of the two meet we can see wonders as both worlds have their own positives. Machines are stronger, faster, more predictable, and in many ways smarter than humans, but still need time to time to review, modify, and fit into the changing environment.

Talking about data extraction from contracts with high accuracy levels is quite difficult to achieve alone from software. The ideal approach is to go with the best of both worlds i.e. a combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence for its consistency, speed, and workload while Human Intelligence is used for accuracy and completeness.

At Brightleaf, we offer a hybrid solution for abstracting important information from your contracts. Our process has multiple steps that integrate software processes with human professional quality control. Brightleaf’s award-winning process is managed in-house by our own professional staff there is no ramp-up time, our staff is trained, the process is proven and you are assured of a quality outcome and security for your contractual data. It’s a cost-effective solution delivered in a timely way.