Manage all your contracts with Brightleaf’s smart SaaS-based AI engine which understands linguistics, along with broad and multi-layered grammatical constructs, allowing it to parse complex legal language across any number of contracts and companion documents such as amendments, addendums, side letters, emails etc.

Enterprise Data Extraction Software

Enterprise Contract Data Extraction

Brightleaf will process and extract all of your active and legacy documents providing an output of all your data in an excel spreadsheet, as well as your documents in a text-searchable (OCR) format. The AI-based cloud application that is configured to your unique and specific requirements, by Brightleaf’s experienced team, can extract the required information wherever you are. Support and a customized ready reference guide for all extraction needs are always available.

How to Accelarate the process

Empower your people to execute faster, more effectively, and with less risk. Wherever they are in the world!

  • Configure the software

    Install and configure the system, then train it by defining attributes that will allow you to retrieve the data you require from your legacy and active contracts.

  • Import documents

    Identify and import contracts from any data source into one repository

  • Extract

    Extract key terms, clauses, and phrases from contracts with AI/machine learning /NLP technology

  • Quality check

    Spot issues and trends across documents. Easily compare across documents to spot hidden risks.

  • Report

    A periodic analysis helps to improve your contract visibility and helps to empower decision

AI/NLP Powered Solution

When organizations look to further scale their operations, choosing platforms with APIs empower them to take their digital transformation a step further, integrating any new technologies with the systems already in place

Better Compliance

Technology Assisted

Highly Customizable

Quick & Accurate Response

Reduce Cost

Improve ROI

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